I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I think I am going through my "Ripe To Be Brainwashed By A Cult" phase. From nowhere, out of the blue, I have this huge urge to rid myself of a majority of my worldly possessions. I figure that I don't need about 90% of what I own. I need my clothes, makeup, grooming and hygiene utensils, cooking accesories, art supplies, some furniture, CD's, books and computer...that's really about it. I could probably stand to get rid of about half of my books. I really should try to get rid of all those magazines....except the ones I wrote articles for. But I have all these COLLECTIONS of crap....I don't need this stuff! I have a huge rock (not music either.... real ROCKS!) collection, a huge magnet collection, a lunchbox collection, a concert ticket stub collection, and other crap I just don't need! I don't even want to make any money, I just want someone to pull up to the house in a big U-Haul and take it all away. Its like my newest dream is an empty house.

NEW MOTTO: To live my life as if I might suddenly have to pack up and live in a treehouse.

Today, I am taking the first step. I am donating all of my little McDonald's toys....saved from 15 years of buying Sparkle and her cousins and friends Happy Meals, to some kind of charity that puts toys in boxes for little kids overseas as Christmas presents. I have a whole load of them....they've never been opened.

I wonder how one goes about donating a rock collection?