I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Saturday, November 19, 2005


Last night and I headed over to Offbeat Music and got the new Wilco live CD. When you go to Offbeat, there's this parking lot you have to park at. It has one of those little machines that spouts the parking ticket and then the little arm opens. Sparkle almost took that arm out the other week, but that's another story, another day.

Anyway, you take your little ticket and carry to the shopping area, and whichever store you are at, you can get the ticket stamped and get free parking. I am usually dead on it, but sometimes I do forget. The subject of today's blog entry is the security guard that sits in the little house waiting to take your ticket when you leave.

Back when I was still driving the Ghetto Car, which was a very rough-looking vehicle, we'd pull up to the little house so we could get out of the parking lot. And once again I would have forgotten to get my ticket stamped. So Sparkle and I would start the Big Change Hunt. Mr. Security would take one look at me and my sorry-ass car and confidentially wave me on through. I'd be like "are you SURE?" but he was always like "Yeah, go ahead" and we were off! Mr. Security obviously had a serious soft spot for po' folks.

But now I have the Camry. Its not the flashiest car by any means, but it looks a lot more decent than the Ghetto Car. I pulled up to the little house last night and I had forgotten to get my ticket stamped, naturally. And Mr. Security wasn't having any of it. He wanted the money. I did the Big Change Hunt, paid my due, the magical arm of security lifted and I drove away.

I am officially no longer Ghetto.