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Thursday, November 17, 2005


Today, November 17, 2005 - my workplace becomes totally smoke-free.

Conglomo has actually been smoke-free for quite a few years now...but people could go outside to smoke. Then it became that they could only smoke in designated smoking areas outside. Now you can't smoke anywhere on the property....not outside, not even in your own car. Which I think is taking it a bit to the extreme. If they want to banish the smokers even further away than they are now, I don't have a problem with that. But come on, they're OUTSIDE. How much damage can they possibly be to us when they're outside? Its when they come back inside that they are a problem....PHEW!

What will probably end up happening is that the same people that take 6 smoke breaks a day (ahem...like Crazy Woman) will still take 6 smoke breaks a day....they'll just have to walk to the property line to do it. So go ahead and tack on about 10 extra minutes to the 15 minutes they already take. Either that or there is going to be some very pissy people to deal with starting today. I'm scared because I know what its like.

I quit smoking almost 7 years ago now. It was hard but its the best thing I've ever done. After you quit smoking and regain a little of your sense of smell back....the first thing you notice is how freaking HORRIBLE smokers smell. I immediately went into denial...."Oh hell no, I NEVER smelled like THAT!" But then you start to realize that yeah, you did. Then you start imposing rules around your still-smoking friends.....like they have to go outside to smoke if they come to your house. Then all of them cop an attitude......"Since Brenda quit smoking, she sure has become Holier Than Thou!" No honey, I don't think I'm better than you because I was able to quit smoking. Its just that....well......YOU STINK!!!!! Unbearably! Your breath smells like a rotting duck carcass. Fumes are radiating all around you. And Good God, you just had to go drink some coffee on top of it all, didn't you??? JESUS!

So it'll be interesting to see how the smokers at Conglomo are going to handle life. Hopefully no one is going to have a cow or go postal. We'll see.