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Tuesday, November 08, 2005


This past Saturday, Sparkle modeled in a fashion show sponsored by one of our local clothing stores. I was so proud of her I was beaming. However, one of the first things Sparkle warns me about is that I can't put pictures of it all on my blog. Well, why not????

Because she signed a form agreeing that she would not put any pictures from the show on the internet.

Well, all that is well and good......but I didn't sign anything saying I wouldn't put any pictures on the internet.

It doesn't matter, Sparkle says. No pictures of the fashion show on the internet.

Okay, okay! No pictures. So I decided you might enjoy seeing these pictures instead:

Here is Sparkle totally NOT at the fashion show....this is her walking through the streets of San Francisco.

And here is Sparkle, not even THINKING about a fashion show.....she's touring the Eiffel Tower!

Who cares about a fashion show when you have a random bridge in New York to visit?

That Sparkle, she's been everywhere and done it all!