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Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Thank you for the nice words from yesterday. I was in one of my moods when I wrote that I might just give up the blog. Yes, it is a wasteland, but dammit, its MY wasteland. Anyway, do you realize how long I would probably last NOT blogging? I'd give it a week....maybe two weeks if I were really burned out. Then something super-newsworthy would happen and I wouldn't be able to stand it anymore.

However, I am becoming very concerned about this Sunday Night Syndrome I've been suffering. Is it possible to suffer intractable depression only one night per week?

Sometimes when I go over to visit Crazy Girl's blog, she has blogged about some of the unbelievable conversations she overhears through the cubicles while she's working. Some of it is really hilarious and some of it is very sad. The only things I get to overhear are just plain gross.

Its this lady...and she has a perpetual sinus infection. She always sounds BOGGY, if that makes sense. Like she's semi-drowning. And every once in awhile she'll give a good ol' snooooort....you know, sucking it all back up. This usually happens when you're preparing to take a bite of the sandwich you're eating at your desk...with mayonnaise. Ewwwww! The good thing is I've given up mayonnaise and I'm eating plain sandwiches.

But girlfriend keeps saying something that's driving me crazy. Once a day she will stand up and announce to no one in particular, "I need to go let the kittens out."

WTF?? I really didn't want to believe that she was talking about what I THOUGHT she was talking about. I contemplated having some money ready one day so I could go to the vending machine and just watch where she went.

But then it hit me. DON'T BE A DUMBASS. You know what she's talking about. Yeah, I know. I just didn't want to believe that someone would actually stand up in a place of business and...you know...announce their business.

Pearls of Wisdom: Nobody wants to know if you have kittens. Just let it be your dirty little secret. And nice girls always keep a tiny bottle of air freshener in their purse!

And finally, here is your Halloween Pic of The Day: