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Sunday, October 16, 2005



When I am flipping through my list of favorite blogs, my heart soars a little higher when a page comes up and there's a pet story. A lot of my regular blog stops include animal owners and lovers, such as Jenn, Greg, Judy, Thumper, and Stew. I love reading about their pets and after awhile I start to feel like I know these animals, especially when pictures are included.

Here is Riggs, quite possibly one of Internet's most famous dogs ever. Alongside him is his partner-in-crime, Tripod, a.k.a Ampukittie, the world-famous three legged cat.

Riggs is special. Not only is he a cutie, but he's huge and he's always grinning at you in his pictures. Riggs single-handedly keeps the hot dog stock market viable and healthy. Riggs belongs to
Stew . Well, Stew has informed us in his blog that Riggs has been diagnosed with Lymphosarcoma.

Now I've been following Riggs' adventures for quite awhile now, and I've really been DOWN about this. Its been on my mind all day and I really don't think I could be any more concerned than if it were one of my own pets.

So, I want to declare today, SUNDAY OCTOBER 16 as official RIGGS DAY. If you will, please take a moment and send out some positive energy, a prayer, whatever you have inside to send to this special doggy-woggy. If you have a candle handy, light it in Riggs' honor and let it burn for today. Call me a new-age tosser, but I know first hand what a group of people sending out positive energy can accomplish.

So please, spare a happy thought for Riggs today.

Here's the Halloween Pic of The Day: another fantastic find by Hope, who is fast becoming an internet picture goddess. This might be the coolest little store in the whole wide world: