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Thursday, October 20, 2005


A quick follow-up to my post about Soundgarden last week or whenever it was:

Last night I was on the computer and Sparkle was watching some Fuse TV. They were having a show called "Guitar Gods" and they were counting down some great guitar players and showing a video from each. They started talking about Soundgarden and I decided it was worth it to just drop everything and catch a Soundgarden video for a few . I go into the living room and catch the show's host spieling the obvious....that "everyone gives all the credit to Chris Cornell (singer) for the band's success, but Kim Thayil was most important to the band's sound, blah blah blah..."

It kind of got me thinking....what about all these people who play bass and drums? They don't get any respect at all. No one knows their names and they always have to stand at the back of the band photos. Yet, if you have a band and your bassist and your drummer sucks, then you are going to suck as a whole. Right?

Then I stop and think, well....Meg White sucks at drumming and Jack White somehow manages to pull it off and sell a few records. Then there was that bass player from the Cars that played that same frickin' bass line on like......every song they ever did! And they were huge sellers.

Hmmmm....I know I prefer my music with decent bass and drumming...and if its not there then the song isn't really happening for me. So I'm going out on a limb here and say that drummers and bassists are very important to shaping a band's sound too and deserve some freaking credit. And a chance to stand at the front of the band photos even if some of them are uglier than an unwanted red-headed stepchild.

So since I've been declaring national holidays lately, I hereby declare this day to be Appreciate Those Drummers and Bassists Day. You guys are loved!!!!!

Here's the Halloween Pic of The Day: We've already had a cool cat, now its time for a cool dog! Witchy! This one comes from Judy via email.

Thank you Judy!!!