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Monday, September 19, 2005


Name: Stephanie Burgos
Age: 16
Riverside High School
Died: September 15, 2005
She thought she had missed the bus and was walking the mile and a half to school in the dark, which she had done before. Struck by an oncoming car while crossing the road. A tragic accident.
Friend of Sparkle.

Name: Skylar Wingate
Age: 15
Riverside High School
Died: September 17, 2005
We know that she died in a car accident. No other details available right now.
Friend of Sparkle.

NOT a very happy time in our household right now. It seems that female sophomores that go to Riverside High School are an endangered species at this moment in time. I'm holding on to my girl a little tighter tonight. I just can't even imagine the pain these parents are going through.