I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Sunday, September 18, 2005


I am getting a boatload of hits to my site from the Pete Doherty/Kate Moss scandal.

From the email:

"Why do you want to be hating on Pete so bad? Can't you see he has ADDICTION and they should be pitied not made fun of?"

Pete looks like a Conehead in this photo.

Dear Reader:

I absolutely DO NOT hate Pete Doherty....at all!! In fact, I am a fan. I love the Libertines and their sloppy guitars and ultra British sound (I like Up The Bracket the best). I get all teary-eyed and snotty-nosed when I hear "What Became of The Likely Lads?" and Pete's not even dead yet!!!

"Oh what became of the Likely Lads?
What became of the dreams we had?
Oh what became of forever?
Oh what became of forever?
We'll never know!"

Maybe the Likely Lads ate too many polish sausages?

However, it is my duty to let you know I downloaded the aptly-titled Babyshambles' single "F*ck Forever" and it is OH. SO. TERRIBLE. Do not waste your money. It should be called "F*ck This Song." I guess Pete's addictions are starting to take a toll creatively.

How I ever got started on the Pete thing at all....I've been reading snippets of gossip about him for well over a year....but I read something about him a few weeks back....and I can't even remember what it was....and something in my brain snapped. Its like I could see the future and I knew "this whole sordid mess is going to end very badly, and very very publicly." Thus the Pete Doherty Trainwreck Desk was born.

I realize Pete's in deep trouble, as is Kate....but there's really not anything I can do about it. Let's face it, Pete and Kate make Kurt and Courtney look like Donny and Marie (go back and read that sentence again....slowly). It's just not in my nature to wring my hands and worry myself slam to death, post after post after post.....I have to look for the humor in a situation or I'll go nuts.

So yeah, I realize my humor is off base a bit but I can't help it, its just how I am. Please know I DO care. Maybe I can dump the Pete Doherty Trainwreck Desk and start up the Pete Doherty Sobriety Rocks! Desk before its too late.

And now I leave you with pictures of Pete from a few days ago...courtesty of PerezHilton.com....this is when he found out about the Daily Mirror Kate Moss story: