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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Here we have 4 young men who are musicians. When these 4 young men musicianate together, they are known as ElijahFell. They are from southern California and are on the brink of stardom. They are as yet unsigned but this could change at any moment. And from the darkest depths of their souls, they have emitted a beautiful rock and roll masterpiece called "Skyline". You can hear this for yourself at www.myspace.com/elijahfell , where 4 songs from the EP are located. You will also be able to purchase your very own copy of this EP in about 2 weeks, I'll let you know more when the time comes. And yes, one of these guys is Ryan from my blog comments. Yay Ryan!

Speaking of music, I've been working on updating my Cosmic Sounds listing with classic rock bands from when I was younger. I've hesitated adding a lot of these because a lot of it I don't listen to much anymore. Its still the same great music, but I want it to stay special and not get worn out, like some of the songs from classic rock radio has totally ruined for me....simply by playing them so many times. But I grew up with the stuff and it influenced me...boy did it influence me.

Its been a pure pleasure adding links to bands like Cream and the Who....but I have to admit to you that there's a couple of bands I'm NOT adding, even though I was nuts about them when I was a kid. There's a certain southern rock band that got crammed down my throat by an ex-boyfriend (anyone here remember Blab?) until I couldn't stand it another second and never wanted to hear them again. And then there's this certain ummm.....made-up rock band that has totally ruined anything special they ever had with market saturation, commercialism, and scabbery...IMHO. Any guesses? I do not want these two bands on my list.

I'm going to put Fleetwood Mac on there, but I'm not really happy about it. I reached a dangerous saturation level with them too. I happen to think Lindsay Buckingham is a musical genius though, so they go on the list.