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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


My sister sent me the following picture today....and I got all nostalgic. This ad appeared in every single comic book printed from 1968 through at least 1979:

I know its hard to read....but this ad always fascinated me. The poor guy....the girl with him is such a BITCH. They get sand kicked in their face by the bully.....who promptly tells the guy that he'd smash his face in...only he was so skinny he might dry up and blow away! And then Miss Bitch is like "don't let it bother you, LITTLE BOY." If I was the guy, I would get strong so I could kick HER ass.

As children, we would re-enact this ad in our play. Except things always fell apart when it was time for the bully to make his threat. Invariably, it would come out "Listen here, I'd smash your face in, but you're so skinny you might BLOW UP and DRY AWAY." This was cause uncontrollable fits of laughter from all involved.

Here's another classic comic book ad, that's going to be too big for my blog space, but you'll probably remember it when you see it anyway.

I always wanted a Frankenstein bike buddy and I was dying to hypnotize everyone.

What's really funny is in researching these ads, most of them are from the 1940's! I'm here to tell you these ads were still going strong in the early 1970's. That's a shitload of hot gum those guys were selling!