I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Oh my GOD, did one of you readers ring up the good folks at Filter Magazine and ask them to photograph my dream cover??? THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Besides the fact that its unbelievable that two of my favoritest bands get a cover story TOGETHER.....the most incredible thing of all is that the photographer manages to make the 5 foot tall Mars Volta dudes look just about the same size as the 6 ft 5 in Josh Homme.

I know I had to have something to do with them deciding on a QOTSA/Mars Volta story, somewhere down the line. This would be comparable to a combined Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings Double Issue type thing for those of you who love it. It just doesn't happen.

But when it does, its a wonderful feeling, ain't it?

Regarding the car break-in: I believe in looking at the positive. I mean, I never have to lock my door anymore....there's nothing to steal! I don't have my driver's side window replaced yet....its covered with plastic....so that will help Sparkle and I curb the temptation to visit drive-through eateries. In fact, I'm just going to save money on gas PERIOD, mostly because I don't want to be seen in this car. I think it might be time to think about getting a second job.

And poor Sparkle. When the house was broken into a few years back, it was mostly HER stuff they took. Once again, she got hit hard because it was mostly HER cd's in the visor/carrier, because I don't like mine to be exposed to extreme heat. So now she's HIM-less, AFI-less, CKY-less, Blink 182-less, and Buckethead-less. I lost a Ken Andrews CD (ON - Shifting Skin), the first Starflyer 59 CD, and the new Nine Inch Nails CD....which you know I've already snuck away and bought again, as much as I've said I've loved it. Homeboy the Robber WAS nice enough to leave my Secret Machines CD behind, which was mighty kind.