I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Monday, July 04, 2005


I was so glad to be free from work by Friday. Life is good!

But Friday night was a fiasco. Someone told Bitchard some gossip about Sparkle that WASN'T TRUE but Bitchard thought it was and there was a big argument and lots o' tears, followed by an almost immediate reconcilliation. I just kind of hung around on the sidelines and watched all the dramatics. But I participated in my fair share of drama when I was young so it didn't take long before I was weeping openly, remembering the past fiascos that happened to me back in the Young and The Restless Days.

To be honest, I'm less worried about Bitchard and Sparkle having an argument than I am worried about someone who CLAIMS to be her friend...spreading untruths that I can verify are untruths. I don't understand.

But anyway, everything ended well, so I dried my tears also and we ended up at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences on Saturday as planned. It was a really nice place....there were lots of dinosaurs, snakes, fishies, butterflies, birds, bunnies, turtles, sloths and such. I think I saw a few suspicious Scientologists but I can't be sure. Usually at museums there's always some overzealous tour guides wanting to come around and orate, but there were no people like that here. You were on your own, buddy. If you didn't know what something was.....well, you better look around till you found the information.....or just leave not knowing.

And guess what I forgot. My camera, of course, as usual. But you can look up all that nature stuff on the computer anyway....what I really wanted pictures of was some of the things I saw on the drive to and from the museum. Like....a doublewide trailer that was outfitted with fake logs to look like a log cabin. Woah. And then we saw a farmer in a field on his tractor....complete with overalls, straw hat and old red tractor. It was like seeing a cheesy movie or something. He looked for all the world just like this cartoon:

Bitchard told me I should get out of the city more often, and I guess he's right.