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Tuesday, July 05, 2005


I have already written way more about Tom Cruise than I EVER intended to....but this is so funny, you guys. You gotta check it out. It takes about 3 or 4 minutes to load but be patient....the laughs you get will be your reward. If you're on dial-up...forget it. Or go cook yourself a gourmet meal while you wait for it to load.


HAHAHA!!! And the song is absolutely STUCK in my head!!!

Dear Tom:

We know that you know the history of psychiatry.....and that we don't!! We are especially acutely aware that you are the EXPERT in post-partum depression and that it doesn't actually exist. But Tom dear, what you are forgetting is that the history of the human race has already tried dealing with the non-existant psychiatric problems YOUR WAY, without medication. In fact, we dealt with it YOUR WAY for millions of years up until.......what? The fifties or sixties? And things weren't any better back then. And I'm going to back up my talk with some proof.

Tom darling, I submit for your approval an actual case that was tried at the Old Bailey, January 15, 1675. Anyone reading the link will agree with me that this poor woman who lived so long ago was suffering from an extreme case of Non-Existant Post-Partum Depression. And the Old Bailey jury exonerated the woman.


Now, if you bookmark this site (the site's a hoot, lots o' crime galore if you're a crime buff) and read through some of it, you will notice that most folks accused of crime back then were executed unless they were rapists. Did you steal a turnip? Hang 'em high! Did you steal a few linens? Burn 'em at the stake! But not this particular poor soul....they exonerated her! Even the bloodthirsty Old Baileyites were aware that the woman was suffering from SOMETHING.

Maybe the aliens were at their under-handed work of attempting to take over bodies way back in 1675?

Just a thought, Tom. Let me know what you think.