I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Tuesday, July 19, 2005


[I don't mean to be evasive with you guys. All I can say is that I got taken advantage of, in a big way. Its unbloggable. But when things of this magnitude happen, you either deal with it or you die. I haven't decided what my fate is yet but I would never leave you all without an explanation. That I can promise.]

Remember when my ancient betta, Fishie, died awhile back? Well, his minion, Fishie II, was promoted to the the posh tank at work:

Fishie II is a very, very happy fish. He's young, an active swimmer, and looks at me longingly while I work, begging for some attention. I'll move my fingers over there and gently trace the glass with my fingers, which he loves. But I can't be entertaining the fish all day, a girl's gotta work. So I started trying to think of ways that Fishie II could be stimulated and entertained while I work. I thought and I thought....and guess what I came up with?

Fish Jam. I put my headphones on the tank and turn the music up....not loud, just enough to where the bass and drums will vibrate a bit. I also place the headphones on the right side of the tank so he can get away from if he doesn't like it.

You guys, he LOVES it! When he sees me placing the headphones on the tank, he starts going nuts and his blue colors really start to shine. While a CD plays, he swims constantly between the headphones, only coming out once in awhile just to see what I am doing. When a CD is over and I remove the headphones, he turns black and shakes his body at me to show his displeasure. Within 15 minutes after his music session, he's busy at the top of the water blowing bubbles into a nest, which is a behavior Bettas display when they feel safe and happy.

I'm keeping notes, though I'm not sure exactly what kind of useful data this could possibly add to the scientific community. I think my working hypothesis is going to be to prove that Bettas think indie rock is better than emo. Of particular note, this individual betta gets totally excited over ANYTHING Dave Grohl drums on.

It's true, the entire world loves him. Old people and kids alike adore him. He charms the birds from the trees and the fishies from their tanks. All claims are now backed by scientific proof.