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Thursday, July 21, 2005


Yea!!! I got some fan mail! Well, not exactly. I got some mail IN RESPONSE to some fan mail, that would be the better description. Here's the story:

There used to be a band from my area called Polvo. They broke up almost 10 years ago. WELL, I found out that two former Polvo members, Dave and Steve, have a new project called Black Taj. You can click on the Black Taj link in my Cosmic Sounds list to listen to an MP3. They are currently recording their debut for Amish Records.

An email address was provided. Bad mistake, because I'm a fan. I had to write to them.

And Dave Brylawski wrote back to me! Its not like getting an email from God or something but its really damn close. And look how nice he was:

Hey Brenda- thanks for the email!!! ex - north carolinian here. taj has an album coming out in the fall on Amish recs! See ya in NC in the fall, hopefully. Dave

The unbelievably nice and very talented Dave Brylawski. You rock, dude.

So, you musician people who read my blog.....and I know of at least a few of you......let this be your first instruction in Being Nice To The Fans 101......answer your fan mail! It tends to help get your face plastered on blogs and also tends to foster rabid devotion in your fanbase. Plus the fact that I will bug all of you to purchase the Black Taj CD in the fall.

Quick Email = Happy Fans = Sales Generated = Spending Money For You = Bragging Rights for The Fans = Everybody Really Happy.

Here's another Taj I was saving for a special occasion: