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Wednesday, April 20, 2005


The good news is it appears that no cardinals were harmed in the choosing of the new Pope.

The bummer news ( or you might consider it great news) is that I probably won't be blogging quite as much this week due to the fact I have GOT to finish painting that birthday banner for Sparkle. I am going to hate myself so bad to have put this much work into it and then not finish it.

So today I'll keep it short and sweet. I watched VH1's Save The Music concert the other night. If you haven't seen it yet, I'm sure they will rerun it approximately one million times, so you should be able to catch it eventually. Anyway, I just had to comment on this:

Joss Stone comes out to sing a song. I had heard her sing before and she's pretty good. She holds her microphone with her right hand and waves her left hand in the air while she sings, like she's receiving transmissions direct from God. She is held up as one of the great singers of this time. Plus she's young and beautiful and everyone is nuts about her. She sang, people clapped hard.

Then Donna Summer comes out to join her in a duet. Now, folks, The Queen of Disco is getting on up there in age and its showing. She came out in a dowdy little black pantsuit-type outfit, at least 50 lbs heavier than when we last saw her, and looking quite tired around the eyes. She graciously accepts her polite applause....

holds up her microphone....

opens her throat....

and what comes out is 10 times more powerful and inspiring than anything Joss Stone could eeeeever hope to sing. It was absolutely thrilling to watch her vocally snatch every hair out of Joss' head and slap her around the room a few times.....all with her voice. And then she graciously accepted her standing ovation. My girl has still got it going on.

I'm not putting Joss Stone down....she's good. But she ain't the Disco Queen.

Perhaps Joss's microphone just wasn't functioning properly?