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Wednesday, March 16, 2005


I am sitting here writing in Microsoft Word until Blogger decides that it can work again. I saw that some people were able to update today but I definitely wasn’t one of them. Its very frustrating. So I just figured Id do my typing and whenever it comes back up I will post this.
ADDENDUM: When I first posted this entry....all of my punctuation was causing really strange thing to happen with how my blog looked. All punctuation is now gone because I just cant deal with it right now.

Well, well, well, look what I found on my camera:

Lou and Ace (Louace?) acting normal. These guys and Bitchard on bass are band rehearsing for an actual gig at the at the South Granville Senior Prom this year.....be there or be square!

I havent blogged a bit about Duke this season. Congrats to the team for winning the ACC Tournament! Now its on to March Madness. We Duke followers are plenty spoiled....we win so much and we always go to the NCAA tournament and do well, that is if we don't win the thing. It could happen. Im a little concerned about Coach K though and have been for awhile. A few years ago he had some mysterious illnessand was gone for awhile and Duke played shittily while he was away. He had a fainting spell this year during a regular season game. Sometimes you can just look at his face and tell he doesnt feel well.

I love living in this basketball-crazy place. Its a lot of fun talking junk with everyone about the games. People here actually have obituaries in the newspaper saying "He was a True Blue Duke Fan". I think I mentioned awhile back that I attended a funeral where the guy was laid to rest in a Carolina Blue coffin and had a huge UNC-themed casket spray. Ive even seen a couple of friendships go through changes when too much junk talking occurred between the parties. Coach K is a mega-celebrity in this town. Roy Williams rules Chapel Hill....and the retired Dean Smith is just one ladder rung below Jesus himself.

My friend Elroy is getting married! He got engaged last week….Congratulations! If you listen to the wind carefully you can hear the distinct sound of the native female North Carolinian heart breaking…..and Im not kidding. Out of the hundred thousand women who have deep feelings for him, he was able to choose the best one for him. This means I have a good excuse to start a cross stitching project! Maybe this one:

And speaking of projects, Sparkle’s birthday banner is coming along nicely. Maybe TOO nicely. Heres what Ive painted so far:

Heh heh, I guess Sparkle’s real name isnt such a secret anymore. As you can see, the banner features a reproduction of real gothic script and a heartagram. The only other things I really need to do are paint good ol’ Ville Valo (her hero) on there and color in the background (the official pink/purplish color of H.I.M). But….Im having second thoughts. The whole thing was supposed to reflect the H.I.M. goth thing….this thing looks positively evil to me! I can just imagine some of the parents reaction if they see it...all they will see is WELCOME TO THE CHURCH OF SATAN or something. What do you think? It wont actually be IN the school…it will hang out on the ballfield fence well away from the school. All opinions accepted.