I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Wednesday, March 23, 2005


I suddenly remembered my taxes today, with a violent lurch and a hesitation of the heart. OH YEAH, TAXES! Then I remembered it wasn't April 15th yet so I'm good. I'm sure for most of you, tax season 2005 is already a distant memory and you're sitting around reaping the benefits of your return. Not me. Every year I end up using my tax return to pay my house taxes, which for some stupid reason I forgot to have included in my mortgage payment. So basically I use my taxes to pay my taxes....and its very depressing. This depression leads to procrastination. Last year, for the first time in my life, I actually did the deadline extension thing. I guess its a good thing they actually have a deadline, because I'd probably just let them pile up for a year or five.

Because I hate taxes with a passion. From the moment the W-2 shows up, my mind goes into shutdown mode. I will never do my own taxes...I'd much rather throw a little money at someone else and make them do it, preferably on the very last day possible. If I were truly smart about this, I bet I could find all sorts of loopholes and shortcuts and actually save a little money.....but I just don't care. Please just get it done and let me leave. Hopefully with enough coming back to cover the house taxes. I guess I could actually take a leap and get the house refinanced and get everything like it needs to be....but hell, what would I complain about if I did that????

I've been kind of bummed out. There's going to be some shuffling going on at work....my cubemate Elroy is moving away and Pizza Woman is moving in. Pizza Woman wants to order pizza every single day and she gets mad if everyone else won't go in on it with her. I got a feeling things won't be nearly as great with P.W. on the scene. I'm so totally going to miss Elroy....he's the ultimate cubemate....we stayed out of each other's business but we still confided in each other. We covered for each other when it was time to sneak out to the bank or just plain sneak. P.W. might cover for me if I promise to go in on pizza the next day. I just see darker days ahead....long, sad days filled with sausage and pepperoni......and I need time to adjust, I guess. Maybe I should tell her I ONLY eat pizza if it has anchovies on it, doctor's orders. Do anchovies have a lot of iron by any chance?

Its going to be one of those nights. Sleep well my pets! I certainly will.