I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Monday, March 14, 2005


Sparkle: I'm leaving now, Mom.
Me: Okay. Please please come home early, I want to go shopping. I need some stuff, you need some stuff, so come on home, okay? The mall opens at 12:00. So be here, okay?
Sparkle: Okay.

Do you think she came home on time? Do you think she even called (up till a little while ago)? I waited and waited and I fell asleep on the couch waiting. Now the stores close in a hour. She called a little while ago.

Sparkle: Mom, I'm coming home now so we can go shopping.
Me: No, don't even bother. The stores will be closed before you can get home and we can get there.
Sparkle: Well who says we have to shop at the mall?
Me: Honey, where else are you going to shop on Sunday that doesn't close at 6:00?

Sparkle: *silence*
Me: Right!

Then an argument ensued. I don't care. When MY mom was going to buy stuff for me, I was prompt-o there on time. I don't understand it! Its not like I've bought so much crap for her that she doesn't care.....she NEEDS stuff. So why? Well, I'm not buying her anything and I'm going to tell her when she gets home. She can get some stuff when she's learned a few manners and can pick up the phone and call somebody.

So my day was practically a total waste. How was yours?

And by the way, you really need to check out Alli's new blog at http://63days.blogspot.com/ You will need to start at the beginning but its only 3 posts in so go ahead and get started. Alli's got a story to tell and she's finally going to tell it. This is one of those blogs that might get published in the future.