I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Thursday, March 17, 2005


Blogger has been making me so cranky! I wish when they are having problems they could post something to the Dashboard section so we'd at least know it was going on and that it wasn't a problem on our end.

Ryan at http://www.monkeytraumacenter.blogspot.com/ asked me the other day about Sparkle's name, which was a timely question since Sparkle's real name was revealed yesterday. You still don't know her last name though....ha! It's NOT Love, either.

I have always tried to give anyone I blog about (who doesn't have a public blog) an alias. I've been pretty good about doing it but I have slipped up a couple of times. I don't mind putting my own self out there but I feel like everyone else should make that own choice for themselves. If someone knows I am going to write something about them in my blog, I usually ask them if they want to make up their own alias. If someone doesn't know I'm writing about them, I just make something up that's close to their real name.

Surely you guys have already figured out that "Conglomo" is an alias for my work place, right?

My girl's alias is "Sparkle" because she's so pretty she sparkles! Her cousin "Glitter" is ditto.
I've had one problem because Bitchard now hates his alias. Apparently everything was okay until a certain person named "CHODE"......translation: small penis.......has been running the "Bitchard" thing into the ground in real life. At first I was going to change Bitchard's alias....but its just way too cool. Instead I think I am just going to let CHODE know he needs to chill. If he doesn't chill I'm going to change "Bitchard" to something else, which would be a shame. The "Bitchard" alias has enjoyed popularity on my blog and Bitchard has fans. Don't make me have to change it or I'm going to be pissed off.

So that's it for today but one last thing......I've noticed a substantial increase in hits on my site the past couple of days....what's going on with that? WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE????