I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Sunday, February 06, 2005


I started my blog back in July 2004. It was tempting to post it then but NO! I waited. I waited until Superbowl time. Why? Because it would be funnier then. For seven (well...six and a half) months I wait, biding my time, waiting for the precise moment to post it. Finally the time is here. For my February 5th post, finally, I post "The Superbowl is Gay" song. And what happens? I have the least amount of people to visit my blog.....ever.....since I started the thing. I had like 10 visitors....and 8 of those were me checking to see if anyone had visited. All of you have missed "The Superbowl is Gay"......and I'm devastated. All I want to know is....what in the hell is everyone DOING that's so interesting that they don't have time to surf blogs and listen to "The Superbowl is Gay"? Because I want to be doing whatever it is you're doing!

Actually, I have thoroughly enjoyed today. The weather was real decent so I got outside for awhile, which did me a WORLD of good. But guess what really really made my day? I got one. I finally got it. No, not THAT, this!

I finally got a microscope, something I've wanted for many, many years. I have blogged about this before. And there it was, I could afford it (kind of), so I got it. So far all I've looked at is the stem from an African Violet and one of my hairs. I'm going outside tomorrow and gathering specimens galore! I want to see the entire world under my new microscope. The African Violet stem was so cool looking, it was kind of....violet colored...and it had all these little hairs sticking out from it. I sliced it open and it had a mucousy type fluid in there. The Juice of Life, I guess. If anyone wants me to check something out under the microscope for them, just let me know. I'll draw you my findings, unless I figure out a way to photograph through the microscope. Tomorrow I'm heading down to the creek for some water samples, to see if I can find any critters. I guess I need to find somewhere to buy a few test tubes and petri dishes. Anybody got any laying around they don't want anymore?

I am totally impressed with Sparkle these days. Once again she got some money from me to go buy materials for a Home Ec. project. She keeps bringing home wonderful grades in Home Ec and all kinds of praise from the teacher. I just figured hey, she's really good. So when I gave her the money for the latest round of materials, I was like "so, what are you making this time?".....expecting her to say something like a pillow, a purse, something like that. Instead she tells me she's making her prom dress!!!! I'm like, whaaaat? Yes, she's so good at what she's doing that she's making her own prom dress....that SHE designed herself. She showed me her sketches and her materials....and I am just dumb-founded. Its really, really pretty. Pictures shall be forthcoming. I didn't realize when they said she was good that she was like....DESIGNER good.

She's really growing up. Seems like only yesterday this was the story:

A cute little cuddly-wuddly little itty bitty baby sucking on her favorite two fingers. This was back when her only food choices were steamed bottle, baked bottle, stir-fried bottle, stewed bottle or broiled bottle.