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Monday, February 07, 2005


I've kept house (more or less) for many years now. I've bought a lot of cleaning products in my time. I'm saavy.....I understand the advertisers and their little tricks. "New" Windex, "New and Improved" Windex....as opposed to just plain ol' Windex. When you run across the "Super Dooper New and Improved" product, you know you're really getting something! But folks, I've come upon one that has me stumped:

"Ultra"....that I could understand. But "Non Ultra"? What can this mean? Isn't that kind of detrimental to the selling of the product? What exactly is missing from the "Non Ultra" that I would have had if I had bought the "Ultra"? And does the "Non Ultra" reflect a reduced price from the "Ultra"? I seriously doubt THAT! I can't help but look over at the clean dishes sitting in my drainboard and wonder if they are truly as clean as they could have been had I been a smart consumer and purchsed the "Ultra".

Oh. My. God. You won't believe what arrived in the mail:

Do you hear something that sounds like a million young girls screaming when they see the Beatles for the first time? That's me your hearing. Now I've got to go out to the Gettin' Place and find another Rolling Stone....I have to have one to cut up and put on the wall and the other to encase in plastic so it will last until I'm 110.

Sweetie Pie has been posting over at the Sweetie Pie message board. Quote:
"That album, needless to say, was a major disappointment. We put quite a bit of work into it, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little shaken by its lack of popularity. But what can you do? Well, what I did was feel sorry for myself for a few months, and then got back into producing and mixing for others."

Sweetie Pie sounds a little depressed. I was thinking about inviting him over here for homemade spaghetti, s'mores around the kerosene heater and the ACC Tournament. I bet if he came for the ACC Tournament he'd want to stay through the NCAA Tournament. Maybe he just needs to get away from it all....and Planet Brenda is about as far out there as you can get, baby!

And finally, in honor of Stew's blog entry of Sunday, February 6th at http://www.getstewed.blogspot.com/ ........I present to you, George Snuffalufagus: