I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Thursday, February 03, 2005


The camera doesn't lie. I took a picture of Kitten frolicking with a box and it captured the real truth. Kitten is a Robot.

Both cats are going crazy. They've been scratching at the living room couch and pissing me off, so I went out and bought them a scratcher. It comes with a bag of catnip to sprinkle on the scratcher. Suddenly I realized that I had never given either cat any catnip before. So they are rolling around on the scratcher and going nuts. Poor Kitty wore herself out and had to crash for awhile. They even love the box it came in. I'm worried I may have created a couple of monsters. I may have to send them to Catnip Rehab.

I am keeping both of my fishies at work since the house gets so cold during the day when we are gone. They are so happy when I get to work, they are waving their fins like crazy. They watch me all day long. They seem happy to me but I get a lot of comments like, "they need a larger bowl!" (Each one has their own small bowl) You may remember the picture I had posted of one of the fish awhile back...their bowl is plenty big. Bettas don't swim all over creation, they don't need a 50 gallon aquarium. And then people always come up and ask "Is your fish dead?" They are BETTAS, bettas sometime rest on the bottom of the bowl quietly. To be honest, I'm about ready to bring those fish home because I'm tired of all these comments.

And Little Bud is still doing good. I've gotten kind of attached to the little bugger. Its impossible to capture a picture of him when he's not in motion.