I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Monday, January 03, 2005


The schools here are closed on Monday, too! WHY? I don't understand it. Holidays are over, everyone has to go back to work on Monday, why do the schools need one more extra day? Is this some kind of passive-aggressive sticking it to the Man type of protest? I really feel sorry for the parents of the young kids...another day scrambling to find child care. It's crazy.

Since Sparkle finally decided to clean her room, I've been hit with a major mountain of laundry to be done. There's no telling where all these clothes were hiding. Thank God we haven't discovered any bodies but I think I might know where Saddam was hiding the weapons of mass destruction now. Someplace they'd never, ever be found. I'm in surrender talks with Pentagon as of this writing.

Click on the link above to see a site where people are sending pictures of their missing loved ones in Southeast Asia. The last death toll I have seen is 155,000. There are still thousands missing but thank God the number doesn't seem to be rising as fast now. There will probably be some people that will never be found. I still haven't heard anything from Enigma http://mymusingz.blogspot.com/ but I refuse to give up hope.

Still no word out of the Viking King yet either....I don't know what to think. Here is the last comment he ever made on my blog....written in the way that only the Viking King can write it:
"Thanks babe, Loved the cartoon It think I've actually had that dream before, except there was some ninja's and a shiny gold alligator that looked just like Chevy Chase,so you can bet I killed that fuckin' gator first !! I actually had this dream the other night about some dip-shit stalker that wouldn't leave me and my old lady alone while we were campin' out , playin hide the salami under a big twinkly sky ! Well when I got up to kill him, "which obviuosly i would" I had this damned shitty aluminum sword that kept bending & twisting outta shape, it took fuckin' forever to cutthat fucker' up enough so he would die. After he finally croaked we threw his body in a creek, and when for a joy ride in his Brand New Ford F-10, all's well that end's well ! i'll be honest ,I'm honored by you're tribute, you may kiss the Viking Ring, and hey , while you're down there.......just kidding! The X-mas cartoon is my favorite so far !!"

The words in red are particularly creepy to me and not just for any random reason. Email me and if I know who you are I will explain it to you. Well, maybe tomorrow will be the day when it all works out and he'll be home from the holidays and he'll get on the internet and check in. And cuss all of us out.

You know, online relationships are strange things. There's people I talk to all the time and I feel like I know them quite well....yet I couldn't tell you what there real name is or where they live or anything. I am thinking about making an "online will" with friends' email addresses and things like that, just in case I ever bite the dust. If I get rich between now and then, I'll leave each of you a little something. Don't hold your breath, though.