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Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Guess what's coming to my town?

Snow Leopards? No, guess again.

Snow Owls? No, another guess!

Plain ol' regular old-fashioned every day snow? YEP!

There's finally a little bit of snow in the forecast. We might have just a little bit tomorrow, but then its supposed to throw down on Saturday and Sunday! I can't wait to rush out and buy some bread and milk. It doesn't matter that I already have these things...we might need MORE! Half the fun of snow is standing in line at the grocery store complaining about how there's hardly any bread and milk left.

I wish everyone north of here could come hang out and watch how us Southerners react to snow. Once the first flake falls, they cancel school. Then everybody has to leave work to go pick up their kids. Then there's nobody left at work, so everyone just gives up, goes home and the entire town shuts down. The snow plow guys always give it the good ol' college try but they're usually busy with the highways. I've seen hordes of out of school kids declare snowball war on the poor snow plow guy when he finally makes it out to the neighborhoods. I have, in fact, pitched a few snowballs at the poor snow plow guy myself. All the transplants that move here from somewhere else just can't believe the whole scenario.

But you have to give us a break. We don't see the stuff too much. If I can stay home from work just one day, cook some clam chowder and build a snowman...then I'm happy. Then I'm ready to go back to work. But things don't always work out that way. Sparkle didn't see any snow until she was about 8 or 9 years old. Then we got like 4 feet of snow. It was more than I'd ever seen live in person and the town shut down for like a week and the schools were closed for like 2 weeks. That was crazy...but it was a once in a lifetime thing. Yes, one good Snow Day is quite enough, thank you. Any more than that you'll hear me screaming: