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Thursday, December 23, 2004
Old and Gettin' Older By The Minute


Still no word out of the Viking King. I had two comments....one person said "well its Christmas, he's probably away from home" and another "it sounds like he doesn't lead the sanest life, maybe he's out getting wild".....I would normally agree to both comments but WHERE IS HIS BLOG? It was www.notashittybloglikeyours.blogspot.com . Its the vanishing of the blog that worries me most....he loves his blog! He very much enjoys the fact that his blog kicks everyone else's blog's asses! He would have never, ever deleted it. I am trying to search for a guy on Blogger named HULK who commented on his blog sometimes....apparently I never bookmarked Hulk's blog and I am regretting it now. I don't think this is the same Hulk that also posts on Texas Gurl's blog sometimes. Or is it?? I also want very much to talk to SAMIAM and I hope she will see this....please email me! There is no email link on your blog that I can find!

So until the Viking King reappears, I've designed a yellow ribbon for him. It stays on my blog till somebody finds something out.

I went to the dermatologist the other morning. I've been really concerned about a couple of small spots on my face and to be honest I was kind of worried it might be some early form of skin cancer. There was quite a bit of time spent sun-worshipping in my youth, I must admit. My dermatologist, Dr. Fantastic, is one of the very best. Not only does he know his stuff as far as skin goes but he's friendly too. He breezes into the examining room and greets me like the angel he is.
Dr. F: So what is it you are concerned about?
Me: Well, I have these three small spots on my face [points them out] and I'm frankly a little worried about them.
Dr. F: [looking] Hmmmm....well, Miss Love, these are what as known as seborrheic keratosis. [Changes to tactful tone of voice] This is what happens to us sometimes as we begin to age....
Me: [squeaking] Age spots?????
Dr. F: Oh no, no, no. These are called seborrheic keratosis.
Me: You mean age spots?
Dr. F: Well...
Me: Yeah.
Dr. F: Yeah. But you're still a youngster.
Me: Physician, thou hast ruineth my day!
Dr. F: No need to revert back to The Old Language! Really, this can happen at any age.
Me: Me blog. You start'em fire. Sacrifice to Thor.
Dr. F: This is worse than I thought......

Is this an actual place I can go visit?

I have been having some serious age issues. The weather got cold and several of my joints started to ache. I got very stiff. This has never happened before. You know what comes next.....

I wonder which one I will be?

I can't complain about aging though...like some smartass will always say..."Well, just think of the alternative!" Lovely thought. And then the Eternal Optimist will pipe in with "You're only as old as you feel!" That's pretty doggone old, then.

I guess all of us, deep down inside, think we will be the one to remain young forever and we freak when it starts to happen to us. I've had a good life...its just gone by so quickly.

It seems like only yesterday I was a baby....an extremely big-headed baby....the 1800's was my favorite century! Here's what remains of my first pet:

RIP Bruno. Good dog!

Maybe I'm feeling this way because I'm around too many teenagers....they're everywhere!

Here's Jack and Jill, hanging at the crib.

And here's your Christmas Must-Read of The Day:

What could this book possibly be about?