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Tuesday, December 28, 2004
Just Down And A Little Bit Out


I am very sad. There's so many people dead from that earthquake. The last count I saw was 26,000. That's a lot of people. And probably a whole lot of kids. I'm going to try to dig up some cash to donate, it can't be much but at least might help someone, somewhere. Maybe my job will have something we can all contribute to, they are usually pretty good about being there for disasters. Please bookmark my friend Silk's site http://silkstress.blogspot.com/ She lives in this area of the world and will be able to tell us firsthand what is going on there. Also, a prayer for my friend Enigma http://mymusingz.blogspot.com .... who has not been heard from yet. Enigma is in Bangalore, India....I have no idea how bad things are there. Silk do you know of any news from Bangalore? Also, Kit from http://thurpentyne.blogspot.com/ is in the U.S. but is from Malaysia and hasn't yet posted any news from his country, so I am praying for his family and friends too.

Geologist Kerry Sieh of the California Institute of Technology was quoted on CNN as saying that a quake of that magnitude is enough to jolt the planet's rotation. "It causes the planet to wobble a little bit, but it's not going to turn Earth upside down," he said. Well, it may not turn the Earth itself upside down, but it sure turns everyone's life upside down.

I just feel really helpless.

I think I might have that seasonal disorder too. Winter has barely gotten started and already I am feeling like I've been cooped up forever. When I leave work at 3:30 the sun is already starting to slip behind the trees. I've been feeling sluggish too. I am start taking a break at work and go outside and try to get some sun....and of course a little exercise wouldn't hurt either.

My EX sister-in-law has me down too. She is hopelessly addicted to drugs and she called me up because she was out of whatever and she was sick and would I please, please, please give her a ride to some guy's house so she can score? So what did I do? I gave her a ride. And why? Because the girl is a hopeless case....she's been addicted for 20+ years. When she doesn't get what she needs then she will stoop to lowest lows a woman can go to, and has many times. Tough Love is not going to work with this girl. The only thing that is going to stop her is to chain her in some kind of castle dungeon.

I would much rather contribute to her problem by giving her a ride than I would for her to end up in some shitty motel room getting screwed by 5 or 6 or more guys for drugs. Once some guys were actually holding her "prisoner"....they continued to give her drugs that she had to "pay off" and was under a death threat if she tried to leave. Her family had to go to drastic measures to get her out of that one.

It's the saddest thing I've ever seen in my life. I had always heard about people like her, knew they existed, but never actually knew anyone like that till she went downhill. And she's not dumb....she's an intelligent college-educated girl. Of course, her brain is pretty much destroyed now....she's not the same girl I first met years ago. The whole thing just kind of gets me down.

So what do you think? If you were me would you give her a ride sometimes? Or tell her to fuck off and just let her sink to the bowels of the earth? Don't you think there should come a time where unconditional love should override any judgements I might make about her lifestyle? She's NOT going to get help. She's also NOT going to live a real long time. Still, she was my family once. What would YOU do? All opinions welcome.

P.S. While searching for the dungeon photo, I came across some really kinky websites. Good Heavens!