I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Thursday, December 30, 2004



I have gotten over the initial shock of the tsunami, now I'm in the denial phase. My mind cannot comprehend the numbers of the dead, I can't imagine the horror and suffering these people are going through. I find my brain is almost shutting down on the subject....I can't take anymore in right now. Like Miss Kitty is doing in the above photo, I just want to hide and wish it never happened. I got this way after the 9/11 tragedy too. I was so numb from the shock that I didn't watch any TV for days and I missed a lot of the coverage of it. I finally sat down about a year ago and watched that DVD they put out about it and cried like it was just happening all over again.

So I am going to blog about something trivial.....like....my blog. I have gotten some feedback since the new look and I want to see what you guys think.

Everyone seems to like to the new look but I have been told that the smaller print is a lot harder to read. This is a real concern for me because I've been to other blogs (especially young teenager's blogs ) where the print was so tiny I just pushed the "next blog" button and moved on. I am going to change the size of the print for this post and see how this looks.

Some people are having problems with the new blog taking awhile to load. It doesn't take long for me but of course I am on Road Runner. So I would be interested to know long its taking to load for others out there. Also, if any of you who have Advanced Computer Skills would like to offer any advice on anything I could do to make it go faster, please do tell. In simple English, please.

I'm thinking about just wiping out the archives. Does anybody ever read archives? Who has time? Plus I do have a picture hosting limit (believe it or not) so once something hits the archives I do away with the pictures. And maybe just having 10 or 15 days of posts on the front page. That would help with load time, I bet.

Google Images seems to be down so here's another picture of Miss Kitty for you to look at.

Last of all....some people are saying Haloscan is working well for them. They just can't get in to comment at all. I've noticed that sometimes it stalls out on me. Any feedback you can offer will be read, thought about carefully and fretted over.

I just found out today that my favorite band o' the moment, Autolux, is coming March 1. I am soooo there, I really like their CD a lot. Nice hairdo, too, Girlfriend.

Thank you and....GOOD NIGHT!