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Saturday, December 25, 2004
Christmas Edition


I hope everyone's Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Whatever was ALL THAT! Mine went pretty well....I went to do the Christmas thing with my sister's family on Christmas Eve. Then Sparkle and I came home and did our thing together. Look at what she gave me:

Super Dooper Nice! This is an actual painting someone did, too, not a print. It has a Japanese signature on it. I'm like, "this HAD to be expensive!" and she just smiles. I am thinking of going back through the police files and seeing if there were any art thefts in the past three weeks. There's a lot of glare on my photo of it, but you can see for yourself how nice this is.

Sparkle got 2 H.I.M. shirts, one Motley Crue shirt, one Nightmare Before Christmas shirt, one Butch Walker shirt, one Butch Walker hoodie, and an assortment of "real" shirts from Old Navy. She got a "Nightmare Before Christmas" belt buckle (I forgot to get a belt....whoops), season one DVD of Viva La Bam, season one DVD of Wildboyz, a Breaking Benjamin CD, a 100 CD capacity CD case, a CD scratch fixer-upper-thingie, make-up, make-up remover, make-up brushes, a H.I.M. calendar, a belly-button ring, jeans, socks, intimate apparel, and 2 absolutely disgusting Steve-O "Don't Try This At Home" videos which I am pissed off that I spent a couple of hours salary on.

Without a doubt, one of the most disgusting men on the Earth. HURL! I think these videos even changed Sparkle's mind about ol' Steve-O just a little bit. I consider myself to be a fairly open-minded individual but holy shit! This guy goes way beyond pushing the envelope.

Bitchard gave Sparkle a Game Boy SP. She gave him a Corvette Calendar and some kind of goth looking mirror. Here they are from this morning:

We lit the Christmas candles in honor of those we love, who have passed on and who are still here. This is something we do every year now. We use a small knife and etch names in the candles....parents and friends and everyone we can think of. Chances are if I know you, your name was on my candle today. Then we wish them all a Merry Christmas and fire 'em up. We do it on Halloween too, but only for the dead people we know. I was told that this is something Pagans do but I didn't realize that when we started doing it. Well, some of my best friends are Pagans and if I want to do it, I can.

The only thing I didn't get for Christmas that I wanted was a White Christmas. If only a couple of flakes had fallen, I would have considered that a White Christmas. I don't need inches and inches of the stuff (snow, that is) to be satisfied. Here's a pic of a Kitty who got his white Christmas:

I think his name should be Kitty ColdPaws.

Here's my real-life kitties. Paws in Snow? Don't make them laugh....

Kitten says "why be out in the snow when you can stretch out in front of the heater? My eyes match the carpet. Don't hate me because I'm beautiful."

Miss Kitty says "why be out in the snow when you can stretch out on your very own printer? Well, its not really MY printer, it belongs to my mom, but whatever."

Here's a Christmas card someone sent me in honor of my hitting a deer:

I appreciate the thought...but....SMARTASS! :-P

Now make sure each of you tells me at least ONE thing you got for Christmas and if you feel like it, post the entire list. I also want to know what your pets got for Christmas, too.