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Saturday, November 20, 2004
What Time Is It?


I normally despise Burger King with every fiber of my being....but I'm down with any restaurant that's down with Spongebob! I just had to pull over and snap a pic of this when I saw it this morning. The people in Burger King were looking at me like I was the Secret Service or something. I'm really starting to love this camera more and more. It gets people all stirred up and worried.

My dad enjoyed getting people hot and bothered too. Once when I was visiting him a bunch of us were going fishing on the pier at night. I asked Dad if I could borrow a hat to keep my hair from blowing around. And bless his heart, he goes and gets me his ATF agent hat. (That's Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, you idjut!) So I show up at the pier with my ATF hat, we walk in to buy bait....and woo hoo! Those pier workers got all bent out of shape. One slips outside to the pier itself while the other takes his time waiting on us. I was at a loss to understand what was going on at first, but then it hit me when people kept sneaking peeks at me. Once the first guy has made sure all is alcohol free out on the pier, he slips back in. Meaningful looks are exchanged, they finally give us our bait and we are free to go out to the pier. And the first thing we do when we get settled is break out the beer cooler and proceed to get smashed and catch fish. The pier workers were very perplexed and it was huge fun getting their nerves all torn up.
- My dad got a good chuckle out of it when I told him about it the next day. A few weeks later it suddenly occurred to me....hey, could I have been arrested for impersonating a police officer?... and I called my dad right then. But he said no, any old jerk off can wear a logo....its if you show a badge or present yourself as a police officer that the trouble starts.

Here's yet another shout-out to Stew at http://www.getstewed.blogspot.com/ - I've found the perfect book to help you deal with your brother, Stew!

A liberal brother and a conservative brother battling it out on opposite sides of the country.....sounds like a good recipe for a new REALITY TV SERIES!

Speaking of liberals, I consider myself to be one. But even my open-minded self was stunned at this quote in the "Letters" section of the latest TIME: "Some of us feel deep in our heart that America isn't really the place for us, that perhaps we belong somewhere else, in a country where good people live. There are parts of the US where I now know I could not live, not because of the red or blue color on the electoral map but because of the narrowness of the residents' minds and the darkness of their hearts. Might we not be better off as two separate nations than as one in which half of us are forced to accept the will of the other half?" This is one jaw-droppingly asinine quote, Mr. Larry Herbst of Pasadena, California. Pleeeease, if you feel that America isn't the place for you, allow me to show you the door. Holy shit. I can understand people feeling anxious over how the election turned out and feeling like Bush is a dangerous leader.....but this is still....your COUNTRY. Fuck, Bush is only one man, we are a WHOLE NATION! Them's treason words! I just feel so outraged over this guy's remarks that I don't think I can properly dissect them and put them in perspective. I can't believe someone would say these things because their dude didn't win the election. My dude didn't win either, but I don't think the answer to the problem is to disintegrate America. I also resent his sweeping generalizations about parts of the US where "he couldn't live".....mostly because I'm probably in one of those states he's generalizing about. Because North Carolina is one of those states that people are always generalizing about. Not every single person in every single state thinks the same way! AHEM.

I go to look up something related to "treason" and look who pops up....

- I have three little bug bites on the inside of my knee that are the same exact placement of Orion in the night sky.....this is some kind of omen but I don't know of what. Hopefully it has something to do with money and/or Johnny Depp.

And finally, look what I discovered hiding in my camera when I went to upload my Burger King/Spongebob pic....its Ace posing on top of his ride at the Ghetto House! Ace, honorary valedictorian of the RIT School. (That's RockStar In Training, you idjut!)

Pose for pics with MY camera....and run the risk of getting called out on MY blog....hehehehheh.....uh, watch out for that power line behind ya there, Ace.